The quality of the work reflects the integrity of the content, and the production of high-quality films will be our prime purpose over the coming years. As a team, we at Dattatreya media are pushing our limits to make a name for ourselves in film production and provide the greatest material to the public. As a developing media firm, we set ambitious goals for the production of market-refreshing content.

Our primary emphasis is on product quality and the creative balance of visual literacy medium. Art of cinema implies that the stories we tell are genuine and that the audience will acclaim the resulting picture, and that is what we hope to achieve.

The art of visual storytelling with quality material, presenting emerging talent and putting them on the path to success is our primary objective for achieving more market success.

Few Words About Founder


One of the passionate filmmakers, writers, and entrepreneurs dedicated to producing high-quality films for a wide range of audiences. She creates stories that captivate and engage viewers. She produces films with a commitment to quality, creativity, and integrity.

Haritha Gogineni, is a successful entrepreneur, writer, and filmmaker. She has produced films that have earned critical acclaim, been featured on the big screen, and distributed to audiences around the world. She brings her years of experience to our team to ensure that we are creating films that are both entertaining and meaningful. She strives to bring you the highest quality films that will leave a lasting impact.

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